Building Management (Full or A la Carte)

Due to the evident difference of needs from organization to organization, we recognize that management solutions are not “one size fits all”. Because of this, we pride ourselves in providing custom programs for facilities of all types and sizes. We find that an a la carte setting can truly strengthen not only the partnership of the teams working together, but also the overall project for those who do not need a full spectrum of services.

  • Customized Lease Administration
      Through custom lease administration we enable our partners and clients to have more control over their environment and long-term goal success. Depending on the organization and facility ground needs, Optimal will take the time to strategically map out a 3-5 year forecast on how to implement and accomplish the organizations growth plan.
  • 24/7 Maintenance Response
      Our property management partners and staff are always at your disposal. 24/7 our maintenance and executive team are on call, should you need them regarding interior and exterior building maintenance, security related issues, and financial questions.
  • Housekeeping Programs
      We employ only the most trustworthy and highly experienced facility housekeeping service providers in the area. We understand that your facility’s cleanliness and orderly fashion is a representation of your business, and ensure it will always be in impeccable condition. Cleanliness is among the top priority when it comes to guest satisfaction, hygiene standards, safety and whether or not visitors will return.
  • Landscaping
      The grounds of your facility must be maintained and inviting to all visitors. We take pride in ensuring that the exterior grounds surrounding your facility are not only appropriate but attractive. Research proves that landscaping can not only add value to the real estate, but also increase sales for commercial businesses from 5-20%.
  • Energy Management Experience
      Our Energy Management experience and knowledge comes in many forms. First and foremost, Optimal Outcomes facilities are considered “smart buildings”. Using technology, tablets and complimentary energy efficient tools to enhance, manage and provide cost savings in the areas of utility billing, security systems and safety measure.
  • Rent Collections
      Tenants of OAM find making payments easy and efficient! With customized lease administration, tenants find comfort in our management processes and collections.
  • Online Maintenance Request Portal
      To ensure your business can run effectively, we have made our tenant experience as seamless as possible with OAM’s online portal for maintenance requests in real time via the web. Simply log on, create a ticket, and one of our management staff members will be in contact immediately!